how to change startup programs xp windows

k, the reason I was trying to clarify, is on your Windows7 start menu>Virtual PC>XP Mode Applications, those apps will run from the XP Virtual PC, while it is NOT running.... ... More

how to download youtube videos on phone for free

21/11/2013 · This APP is for iOS...BUT for all of my ANDROID FANS, there's an app called VIDEODER which looks VERY SIMILAR! Let me know! TDownloader is a GREAT app for people who travel and still want to watch ... More

how to call a 1300 number from indonesia

You may be selling items online with gumtree or quokka and dont want your personal information to remain with the seller, you could use a virtual phone number instead to advertise online. Alternatively looking for family to contact you from overseas at lower call costs, why pay $2.5 or ... More

how to cook heirloom carrots

CARROT 'Heirloom Mix' 50 seeds RARE vegetable garden purple red yellow orange 5.0 out of 5 stars. 2 product ratings - CARROT 'Heirloom Mix' 50 seeds RARE vegetable garden purple red yellow orange ... More

how to ask for a job offer email

A written job offer is a formal letter or email inviting you to accept a specific post. It should be from It should be from someone in authority, for example a Human Resources (HR) professional. ... More

how to add music to premiere pro

22/02/2017 · Learn how to import audio into your Adobe Premiere Pro project, add audio clips to a sequence, and adjust the volume of each audio track. ... More

how to change business name on abr

Business Fraud Alert will notify you when a change is made to your business, allowing you to take immediate action. Email notifications will be sent within 24 hours if any of the following changes are recorded by the state: ... More

how to cut corrugated roofing plastic

Corrugated plastic roofing sheets – If your home does not have a garage, a carport provides limited protection from the weather for your vehicle. ... More

lego penguin how to build

After seeing MortalSwordsman's animal creations, I had to make one too. My younger brother Andrew helped a bit. Thanks Andrew for your help! ... More

how to connect ea account to xbox one 2017

24/08/2016 · EA Access Verified account @EAAccess. Play the best of EA for $4.99 a month! EA Access brings you great games for a great price with The Vault, an evolving collection of EA games for Xbox One! ... More

how to add titles on resolve 14

5/05/2015 · In this episode of Resolve in a Rush, Alexis Van Hurkman from Rippletraining.com, demonstrates how to build an animated title sequence in the Edit Page of DaVinci Resolve 11 and 12. ... More

how to download kuwo in iphone 7

JOOX - music streaming platform that gives you an access to millions of songs. Download JOOX FREE, free music, free radio, top charts, playlists, new releases and offline listening. ... More

how to become a tiger handler at dreamworld

Tiger Island is a wildlife attraction at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. In February 2016, the area was home to ten adult tigers and five cubs. The exhibit is home to both the Bengal and Sumatran tiger species. ... More

how to add radio button

The example demonstrates how to create radio buttons using ByteScout PDF SDK. Program.vb: VB Program.cs: C# Program.vb: VB Program.cs: C# Adding radio button controls into PDF form document created with ByteScout PDF SDK for .NET ... More

how to delete instagram on mobile

Thats the sound of mobile app developers trying to come up with the next Instagram. Which will be great, until it too, falls under the mighty pressure of making money. And so it goes. ... More

how to clean a chainsaw carburetor

Next, it is a good idea to remove the air breather and thoroughly clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves washing it with soap and water (for a paper-type air filter) or fuel (with a wire-type filter) and perhaps replacing or blowing out paper elements carefully with compressed air. ... More

how to create lightning bolt in illustrator

Create a Sketchy Hand-Drawn Camera Illustration in Illustrator by Katie Marcus, In this tutorial, we're going to use Illustrator (and a bit of Photoshop) to create an image that looks roughly hand-drawn on … ... More

how to create compost quickly

Making a compost pile is like making a giant layer cake! Well, not exactly but you will soon see what we mean. Well, not exactly but you will soon see what we mean. But first, a few words about the amount of brown (carbon) material, versus green (nitrogen) material to put into your compost bin. ... More

how to add label to a graph on excel

16/04/2018 · A graph, also referred to as a chart in Excel, allows users to communicate not only data, but also the deeper meanings and implications that data can suggest. Graphical data is much easier for personnel outside of an accounting department to understand. Here's how to add titles to graphs in Excel in order to present the most accurate and complete depiction of a scenario. Steps. 1. Click on … ... More

how to become instagram famous fast and free 2014

6/01/2019 in this video will show how to become instagram famous fast and free. ... More

how to change my ip address on my iphone 4s

1. Touch Settings. If you have multiple email accounts on your Apple iPhone 4S, you can set one as the default account for sending email. Note: You can still send email from other accounts; you can choose the "from" account when composing individual messages. ... More

how to cook the perfect lamb leg steak

Place lamb steaks in a glass dish or bowl and slowly pour the marinade over it. Lift the steaks slightly to allow the marinade to run under the meat and cover the bottom side Lift the steaks slightly to allow the marinade to run under the meat and cover the bottom ... More

how to become president gta 5

Rockstar’s GTA series needs zero introductions. The game has always been controversial, even during its early years, and has, since then, gone on to become one of the biggest grossing titles of all time. ... More

how to change twitter profile picture

16/01/2017 And profile pictures are still just regular, uploaded photos. That being said, for a particular younger Twitter demographic, swapping out pictures is a form of self-expression. ... More

how to create new header section word

Change the existing header or footer, or create a new one for this section. Word automatically makes the same changes to the headers or footers for all subsequent sections. To create a different header or footer for a subsequent section, repeat the steps above. ... More

how to change weight in stronglifts app

How to Change Increments (iPhone) The app automatically adds weight each workout if you get five reps on all sets. These are the default increments: ... More

how to become an actress in australia

Tony Your site is so great, it makes researching the business sooo much easier having all the info in one place! thankyou thankyou thankyou. Amada, aspiring actress, Sydney, Australia ... More

how to become a rics registered valuer

A Building Survey usually doesn’t include a valuation, but your surveyor can provide this separately if you need one, but again any valuation has to be prepared by a RICS Registered Valuer, and there will be an additional charge. ... More

how to download wwe 2k14 for ppsspp

How to Download WWE 2K 17 ISO Games for PPSSPP Android Download Proof Full Addictive Game Manual focusing on is presently the default focusing on technique, and 2K17 completes a superior general activity of influencing your present focus to clear. WWE2K17 Original Game For Android With Download … ... More

how to clean rust off antique metal

Cleaning rust from the decorated finish of your tins require you to know something about how it was applied and what it consists of. You don't have to be a chemist, just use some common sense in your cleaning approach. ... More

how to draw a girl on a swing

Comments for Girl on a Swing. Average Rating . Click here to add your own comments ... More

how to allow a game to use more ram

8/08/2017 · Allocating More Ram Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 3.0 There is a settings button right next to the minimize and close button, on the launcher. The option to add more RAM is in there. Be sure to uncheck "Let Java decide optimal values." Last edited: Jul 21, 2015. MrMcSnuffyFluffy, Jul 21, 2015. MrMcSnuffyFluffy, Jul 21, 2015 #1. Goku14500 New Member. Go to the gear click options look up … ... More

how to add speaker notes in powerpoint 2007

Instructions on how to use Presenter View in PowerPoint 2007 Presenter View is a great way to view your presentation with speaker notes on one computer (your laptop), while your audience views the notes-free presentation on a second monitor (projected on a larger screen). Your laptop must have dual or multiple monitor support 3. Easiest Way Using Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver or ... More

how to draw smoke with charcoal

The top vent or chimney creates a draft to draw air and smoke up through the grill. Closing these outlets after shutting off the bottom valves will eventually extinguish your coals by suffocating the fire, so use care when adjusting top vents and only close long enough to get the temperature back where you want it. ... More

how to delete family group on google

When you leave Family Sharing, you lose access to any shared purchases or services shared by the family group. Remove someone from your family group The family organizer can remove anyone over the age of 13* from the family group. ... More

how to cancel auto pay on runescape

27/04/2014 · Can we get 45 likes !? Thumbs up for an AFK money making method! This is a runescape money making guide episode series number 1 this is a money making marathon and a … ... More

how to create a gate in minecraft

The Best How to Make a Garden Gate in Minecraft Free Download. How to Make a Garden Gate in Minecraft. Basically, anyone who is interested in building with wood can learn it successfully with the help of free woodworking plans which are found on the net. ... More

how to cut veins in the wrist

Dec 16, 2010 Rating: PART 3 - burning veins/right wrist tendinitis by: Max Whew, that was a lot, sorry if it's too much information. I said final step in my physical therapy because about three weeks prior to writing this note I re-injured my wrist in a more serious manner. ... More

how to buy tickets on melon

These tickets are on sale for Melon Bomb. Skiddle.com is an official ticket outlet for this event. All credit card purchases you make at skiddle.com are encrypted through our Secure Server Technology ... More

how to add cart email to mailchimp

22/03/2016 · See “Add to cart behaviour” check ” Redirect to the cart page after successful addition”. Save changes. Now will successfully redirect to cart page after adding product to cart. ... More

how to become a princess in real life

After four hours of princess training, my takeaway was this: Kate Middleton’s life is hell. Myka often used her as an example of the perfect, mannered woman, instructing me to do as she does. Myka often used her as an example of the perfect, mannered woman, instructing me to do as she does. ... More

how to cancel icloud storage plan on my iphone

Related: How to Change Your iCloud Storage Plan Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. ... More

how to create storage on iphone

The storage bit becomes even more important when it comes to buying or using an iPhone. If you are using a 16GB or a 32GB variant on iPhone, you might as well understand what I am referring to. However, what matters the most here is that you should know how to manage storage on iPhone, and trust me, it is indeed very simple. ... More

how to tell if ram is samsung b die

19/01/2018 · Hello guys, recently I bought a G.Skill Trident-Z 2x16GB memory kit. Exact model number F4-3200C14D-32GTZSK. The ICs are Samsung's famous B-Die, but so far I'm having issues clocking the kit anywhere higher than 3600MHz. ... More

how to tell if your dance partner likes you

Indeed, I learned at least 4 signs to look for when you're not sure if it's serious and keep wondering how to tell when a guy likes you. 1. If he seems too good to be true, he may be playing you. ... More

how to delete a guide line in powerpoint 2010

Select "Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Interactive Guide" and then click Uninstall. Windows XP: Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs. ... More

how to draw a penguin

What Youll Be Creating. Do you want to learn how to draw a penguin? In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it step by step. These animals have a body that can be easily simplified without losing realism, so you dont need to be an expert at drawing to try it! ... More

how to change pic in iber app

Using Uber Taxi App New York City New York, USA - May 6, 2016: Using the Uber taxi App on Apple iPhone 6s in the streets of New York City.Classic NYC yellow cabs in the background. Uber develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own carr as an alternative to the classic ... More

how to carry a backpack on a bike

Brooks started making leather bicycle seats in England in the mid-1800s, so its safe to say that they know their stuff when it comes to what cyclists need. The Pickwick Day Pack doesnt have all of the features other bags on this list have, but if youre just carrying a few things, this is the bag for you. Made from water-resistant canvas and available in a variety of colors, any ... More

how to become a jewelry designer in canada

Of all the pressing questions about the fashion industry, how to become a successful designer tops the list. Hitting that sweet spot of talent, charisma, and business-mindedness is no easy feat, which is why we were pleased to meet with the subject of today’s feature. ... More

how to add contacts to my ipad

The Contacts application’s entire purpose is to store contact information and make it available to you on your iPad. But first, you have to make that information available to your iPad. You can enter your contacts the old fashioned way, by typing in their names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on in a contact … ... More

how to cook spaghetti squash noodles in the microwave

9/01/2015 · But the spaghetti squash strands remind me of spaghetti noodles and I like that I can eat it with the same sauces that I would use for pasta. Spaghetti squash has a sweeter flavor and a crunchier texture than pasta. Today I am sharing how to microwave spaghetti squash because I’ve found that it is the easiest and the fastest way to cook spaghetti squash. ... More

how to clean ink off leather

A cream leather jacket is harder to keep clean than darker-colored leather, and one of the toughest spots you can find on the jacket is red ink. ... More

how to create aws ec2 instance github

Apologies in advance if this is not the correct place to ask this question. I'm trying to connect to git repositories hosted on an EC2 instance from the SourceTree Version 2.7.3 application I have installed on my Mac 10.12.5. ... More

how to draw an owl flying step by step

Easy, step by step how to draw Owl Ghoust Bats Moon drawing tutorials for kids. Learn how to draw Owl Ghoust Bats Moon simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons. Learn how to draw Owl Ghoust Bats Moon simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons. ... More

how to clean wampa rug

2: Move your rug to a clean, flat space outside for washing. 3: Wet your rug with cool water and test a small area with a white cloth for colour run with your mild rug shampoo. If the colour doesn’t run, shampoo the entire rug, front and back, using the soft long-bristled brush. ... More

how to clean espresso maker

Coffee makers are one of the most regularly used appliances in the modern home. But, over time, you may have noticed the flavor of your coffee changing from when you first purchased your coffee maker. ... More

how to become a millionaire in 5 years

T oday I decided to write a post on the topic of becoming a millionaire. A lot of people out there think that they cant become millionaires because they feel like the system is rigged against them, so they blame the government, collect their shitty little paycheck and never even try to reach millionaire status. ... More

how to change led light bulb

Gone are the days when the wattage on a light bulb package tells you how bright it is. When shopping for an LED bulb, look for the number of lumens directly across … ... More

how to download soundcloud playlist

If you are looking for a quick way to download a playlist for SoundCloud, you need to go to the page with a playlist you want to download from SoundCloud. Point the mouse at the equalizer and leave it there. Then click on the playlist button and save the playlist to your computer. Now your favorite playlist is on your device, ready for you to listen! SaveFrom.net helper. Helps you to download ... More

how to connect webmail to my printer

How to Connect My Lexmark Printer to My Wireless Network Posted By Sahibul Anwar on 7/25/17 Label: Lexmark Dear Buddies If You Have Bought New Lexmark Printer and Your Wish to Setup Lexmark printer to cordless network We Can Assist You Do That. ... More

how to cook blueberries for baby

Diced blueberries are a healthy stand-alone snack for your baby, but incorporating them into meals is a simple way to help her develop a taste for them and boost her antioxidant and nutrient intake. ... More

how to draw marvel comics pdf

Learn how to draw Marvel Comics' Wolverine with this step-by-step tutorial and video. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned! A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned! ... More

how to catch mulloway from the beach youtube

3/09/2008 · The river mouth in the evenings is a good spot for Mulloway. There are some pegolas on the beach, fish in front of there. There are some pegolas on the beach, fish in front of there. Another good spot is Wittecara Beach. ... More

how to allow league through avast

Leroy Sane allow vpn through avast firewall in the 1 last update 2019/01/03 last update Spotlight or in the 1 last update 2019/01/03 ##allow vpn through avast firewall VPN latest version allow vpn through avast firewall Unlock the Internet how to allow vpn through avast firewall for ... More

how to cut and sew gown

Learn how to sew a book cover with sleeves by cutting out fabric. Here, see how to sew a book cover with these step-by-step instructions. Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Book Cover with a Zipper and Handles; Free Patterns and Directions to Sew a Durable Stretchy Book Cover! Durable Fabric Binder Cover; 08 of 31. How to Sew a Tote Bag with Emeline Villedary . This video gives you the ... More

how to clean round hair brush

I just wanted to note that a rinse with many paddle brushes and round brushes, as in step four, may cause your hair brush to smell more, not less. ... More

how to build a second story

Second story Image Though often shied away from, there are obvious benefits for adding a second story as opposed to constructing a ground-floor addition - you retain your backyard space, avoid difficult excavation and minimise disruption to the household during the building process. ... More

how to add a photo to audio in movie maker

easy photo movie maker free download - Easy Photo Maker, Windows Live Movie Maker, Easy Calendar Maker, and many more programs ... More

how to delete a page in word document 2016

10/05/2016 · Insert Quick Parts in a Word 2016 Document. May 10. Posted by officesmart. In a Word Document we are able to create, store and find pieces of content that are reusable for us. These pieces of content can be AutoText, Document Properties, Fields and etc. All we have to do is to use the Quick Parts Gallery that is available in Word. All you have to do is to continue reading. We must … ... More

how to draw the black ops3 home screen guy

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 ps4 released on November 6, 2015, for ps3, ps4, Xbox one and other gaming consoles. The story of COD BO3 game takes place in 2065, 40 years after the event of Call of duty Black Ops 2. In this game, You have the ability to access the special activities. ... More

how to become a shipping broker

12/09/2017 Freight brokerage requirements include applying to the federal government for broker authority, registering your brokerage with the government, and taking out a ... More

how to clean dyson dc08

10/12/2007 With our Dyson (DC08 with Hepa), the manual states that the Hepa filter never needs any maintenance and lasts a lifetime. I've always wondered about this - how can something last a lifetime without any maintenance being required, when fine particles must be passing through it ? It seems to go against the laws of physics. Note that our Dyson also has a normal sponge filter which does need to ... More

how to become a licensed pilot

Unlike pilots with a current flight review, all other applicants must take and successfully pass the FAA remote pilot knowledge test. If you are a nonpilot applicant, comply with the following steps to obtain a remote pilot certificate. ... More

how to make raw flour safe to eat

"Raw flour is a raw product, and it doesn’t go through any heat treatment before you get it," Benjamin Chapman, an assistant professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University, told SELF in 2017. "You should treat that flour like you’re handling raw meat." ... More

how to buy cheap electronics

5/11/2018 · Buying books from library book sales is not only a good way to buy cheap books; it also helps support your local library! Method 2. Scoring Deals on New Books. 1. Look for books at supermarkets and big box stores. While you won’t find the greatest selection, supermarkets and major retailers (such as Walmart or Target) typically offer cheaper prices than dedicated bookstores. … ... More

how to create a business plan for a bank loan

2/08/2017 When you are a small business owner heading off to ask the bank for a small business loan, one of the first documents the loan officer typically asks for is the business plan. ... More

how to download skype for business on laptop

6/02/2018 · Skype is an application you can use to do calls, video calls, and even conference calls over the Internet. It can be used for business purposes or even just … ... More

how to build a pos system in c#

Build the sample If you download the samples ZIP, be sure to unzip the entire archive, not just the folder with the sample you want to build. Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and select File > Open > Project/Solution . ... More

how to build a lego beyblade launcher

The Best way to make a beyblade stronger is by traing the pieces but if you want suggestions, what beylade to start off with then it would probbally be Earth Eagle or Flame Sagittario, but its your choice. :P And Yes stamina type and balance type would probally best. ... More

how to delete history in chrome android

Are you having a hard time finding where in mobile Android Google Chrome browser to clear your cache and history? Clearing the browsing history on Chrome for Android ... More

how to delete eharmony profile on iphone

31/01/2016 · With the release of new iOS 7, Apple also added few more security steps for iPhone and iPad owners. Now when the Find my iPhone feature is turned on, you can neither restore to new and fresh iOS and nor delete the iCloud account without first disabling the Find My iPhone feature. ... More

how to create a csr file for ssl certificate

You may be asked to generate a Certificate Signing Request, or CSR, if you are purchasing an SSL certificate through a third party certifying authority. Once generated, you will need to submit that CSR to your third party provider, who will then create an SSL certificate for you. ... More

how to eat paleo out

I printed out a list of what to eat and what not to eat and started from there, but I really had no idea what I was doing and it was kind of a shock to my body. The first couple of weeks were difficult since my body had adapted itself to eating processed carbs and sugars, and I had suddenly cut them out. Once my body adjusted and I got used to the paleo way of eating, it became easier and my ... More

how to add 2000 to years in r

In addition to the time data types R also has a date data type. The difference is that the date data type keeps track of numbers of days rather than seconds. You can cast a string into a date type using the ... More

how to create a desktop shortcut in firefox

Well, now you can with the File and Folders Shortcuts add-on for Firefox! This is the Files and Folders Shortcuts add-on page. Click on the + Add to Firefox button and restart the browser to install it. Then you will find that there is a new Firefox file/folder shortcut bar below the address bar and Bookmarks Toolbar as in the shot below. Click the button on the left of the shortcut bar and ... More

how to add hatching illustrator

Select the swatches you want to add, and select Add To Swatches from the library’s panel menu. Apply a swatch to an object in the document. If the swatch is a global or spot-color swatch, the swatch is automatically added to the Swatches … ... More

how to cook limpets chinese style

In a previous article, I speculated that it might be possible to cook limpets long and slow, to tenderise them - my holiday in the Highlands of Scotland in August ... More

how to ask feedback on a successful job application

5/08/2010 · Thanks for your quick reply back. I understand what u said and that y i joined this forum to improve my english. Here is the pagagraph.. I am sending you this letter in response to the email you sent me for a Sales Executives. ... More

how to build up my stamina for basketball

Best ways to boost sexual stamina and last longer in bed So, if you are one of those who are looking to boost your sexual stamina, here’s help! We have listed a few effective ways that will help ... More

how to become a female pilot in indian air force

Also read: Indian Air Force Creates History, Inducts First Batch Of Women Fighter Pilots. The three women pilots will fly military jets after completing a strenuous training programme within three weeks. ... More

how to change bullet and numbering spacing

In the Bullet or Number Position section, choose an Alignment option, and adjust the Left Indent and First Line Indent values to customize spacing between the numbers and the text. Tip: To create a “hanging indent,” choose Alignment > Left; set Left Indent to a value (such as 1p0), and specify an equal negative value (such as -1p0) for First Line Indent. ... More

charlemagne how to create lfg post

Charlemagne became ruler of one of those kingdoms in Germany in A.D. 768 and immediately set about expanding his territory. Through the course of more than 50 battles, most of which he led in ... More

how to play catch phrase game

Catchphrase Game Powerpoint catchphrase reveal game tes resources a fun game to play as a starter or plenary for both primary and high school although cheesy sound effects and animations included best of all its free made in. ... More

how to change outlook to main account on mac

Ironically, Outlook for Mac 2011 didn't support Outlook.com accounts as well, having to also fall back on using POP. With the addition of IMAP, I can finally set up Microsoft's free email service with Microsoft's mail app for the Mac. ... More

youtube how to connect ipad to wifi

27/12/2011 Sometimes it's a little confusing trying to figure out how to connect to a wireless network. Now with other devices like IPads, I-Touch, Xbox, Playstations, and other wireless devices; connecting ... More

how to change my keyboard settings in windows 8

By Andy Rathbone . Windows 8 offers numerous settings to tweak the keyboard’s behavior on your tablet. Most options come turned on by default, so if something about the keyboard bugs you, you can often fix the problem simply by turning off that particular setting. ... More

how to change the time on your shark watch

ClockSharks easy GPS mobile apps let you track time, location and job costs. Last week over one million hours were tracked on ClockShark by companies like yours. Last week over one million hours were tracked on ClockShark by companies like yours. ... More

how to build a waterproof chest

After searching the Internet for ways to make an ice chest radio, I noticed there were not very many sites out there. So I am going to show you how to build one. ... More

how to connect ue boom 2 to itunes

Logitech UE Air Speaker 2 for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iTunes Air Speaker Getting started with Logitech UE™ Air Speaker Wireless speaker with AirPlay ... More

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how to draw a realistic ocean

Draw a Hyper Realistic Glass of Water Learn how to draw a hyper realistic glass of water with this video tutorial. You’ll see how to use precise shading and …

how to add a font on weebly

Adding text to your site works the same way that adding images worksyou simply drag the desired element to the page. To add text to your site:

how to clean a burnt pot

Key Steps: Always take note of the manufacturers cleaning instructions when you buy a new pan. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands when cleaning your pan or pot.

how to download torrent from kickass

Xbox 360 KickassTorrent Lords of the Fallen 2 Xbox 360. Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Forty-five minutes in Lords of the Fallen before dying first.

how to close crkt m16-01s

The smallest of the famous M16 knives series designed by Kit Carson and manufactured by CRKT company. Perfect EDC knife. Will check in every situation and never disappoint its user, and secondly, knife looks great.

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