how to draw small letters

Next, draw around the letters with curved lines to make bubble letters, or use straighter outlines to make block or spiky letters. You can add serifs, or short lines to the ends of the letters, or use shading to round out the surface of your bubble letters. You can also try out hearts, arrows, skulls or other objects to add visual interest to your lettering. Try using colored pencils to ... More

how to cook rose hips

Rose Hip Soup Recipe: Rose hip juice, honey, and lemon juice go into this sweet-tart and refreshing soup. Rose Hip Crumble Pie Recipe: Dried and reconstituted rose hips in a custard filling make a fast-and-easy pie topped with a sweet crumble topping. ... More

how to clean a fisher and paykel aquasmart washing machine

Cleaning your AquaSmart TM Before you start cleaning your AquaSmart TM washer, ensure that it is disconnected from the power (ie unplug from the power socket), or that the Key Lock mode has been activated (refer to page 18). ... More

how to buy second hand clothes

suggests that, since the 1980s when exports of used clothing started expanding, used clothing imports were critical in curbing employment and in dampening the importance of the clothing and textile sectors in Africa (Frazer, 2005). ... More

how to avoid acid reflux in newborns

Acid reflux happens when the contents of the stomach back up into the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach. ... More

how to buy a puppy in australia

Looking for a puppy can be a confusing issue and below is some information to help you look in the right places and to differentiate between reputable breeders and others. ... More

how to clear java cache

How to clear Java cache Log out from AW and perform the following tasks. 1. Depending on the operating system, do the following: a. Start Computer C: Users current user profile ... More

how to change name on legaue

28/10/2015 · Wartune is another churn and burn game, and they offer name change cards. Please give us the option of changing our name and limit it if needed to reduce potential abuse. Thank you! Please give us the option of changing our name and limit it if needed to reduce potential abuse. ... More

how to connect hdmi from pc to reciever

Plug in your cable box or Bluray or output from your computer to its input then use another HDMI cable on the output side of it this will be straight through. Then there is RCA Red and White cables as well as a 5.1 or 2.1 switch so it is able to do either and often a tos link for optical audio depending this outputs to your AV receiver. ... More

how to cut cake cleanly

Quick Tip: How To Cut a Cake Cleanly. How To Make A Wood Textured Fondant. How To Make Quick Bavarian Cream. How To Clean A Pastry Bag. How To Make Cake Pops. How to Make Chocolate Dessert Cups. How To Make Fondant Roses Without Any ... More

warframe how to buy weapons with credits

The Retribution Pinnacle Pack allows you to advance in Warframe at breakneck speed with generous amounts of Platinum, Credits, Mod Cards and more! BONUS: Get the Steam-exclusive Tigris Onyx Skin and the Tigris Weapon for free! ... More

how to change computer resolution

4 Change a Computer's Picture From Full Screen to Widescreen; Your monitor resolution affects the clarity of both images and text in addition to their size: at higher resolutions, images and text ... More

how to draw hands holding a ball

Best Page for: LOWER HANDS TO HIT A DRAW - GOLF TIP VIDEO >> There might be a time and place on the golf course where you want draw the ball in a bit more, you want to take the ball from right to left for the right handed golfer. Either against the... – Click To View on GOLF-INFO-GUIDE.com! ... More

swtor how to bring up achievements

A guide on how to unlock the secret Achievements associated with Alliance Recruit Eckard Lokin. ... More

ticketmaster australia how to add another show to the order

Ticketmaster recommends that you purchase tickets directly through Ticketmaster or from the venue's box office. Authorized Ticketmaster locations include Ticketmaster.co.nz , Ticketmaster Contact Centre , and Ticketmaster Outlets . ... More

mount and blade warband how to become a king

6/01/2015 · Mount&Blade is completely non-linear; you can go wherever you want and do whatever you like with very few exceptions. All quests are randomly generated. All quests are randomly generated. The quests will always be of the following types, but their specifics are somewhat random. ... More

how to delete my kodi box

When I first got started with Kodi (formerly XMBC) I was a happy user with my old Acer revo and single setup. With Kodi running on devices that are both powerful and affordable its made installing a Kodi box on every TV in my home easy. ... More

face pimple marks how to clear

How to remove pimple marks from face in a week? Scars and marks from pimple squeezing are not something we want to experience. Scars and marks from pimple squeezing are not something we want to … ... More

how to catch mewtwo pokemon x and y

Pokemon X and Y promise a lot of new changes coming to the Pokemon handheld series, but one of these new changes will bring a wave of nostalgia from the classic days of Pokemon. ... More

how to draw the most beautiful dress

35 Beautiful Music Album Covers. 5 min read; Graphics, Art Below we present 35 excellent examples of beautiful, creative and impressive album covers that will certainly inspire you to head down to the local record shop and start browsing through records and labels. We have tried to address various cover designs and present both CD covers and LP covers from the 60s to 2000s. However, some ... More

how to create your own signature on paper

Once you've folded all your signatures, stack them together and put clips on each end. Cut off two sections of your medical (or other textured) tape and place them over the spines of the signatures, making them equidistant from the edges. ... More

how to cook pea pods in stir fry

A classic Chinese stir fry of shrimp and snow peas with a mild ginger-garlic sauce. ... More

how to change the color of an image

7/06/2018 Replace the color of objects in an image.Select the object you want to change. In the Adjustments panel, click the Hue/Saturation icon. The selection ... More

how to add fonts to photoshop cs6 mac

How to add fonts for Photoshop CS6 on a Mac - Quora. Quora.com On font book you can create font collection for Photoshop, and other workflow need, and you can turn it on and off as you needed to minimize memory loading. ... More

how to add lights in ro-lighting

Another Option: Flushmount or semi-flushmount lighting, as we mentioned, works better when you don’t have as large a space to light. And, unlike recessed lights which are hidden in the ceiling, these lights give you the option to add more stylistic touches to your kitchen. ... More

how to change tempreature on a madison dishwasher

It is actually a resistor whose resistance varies with the temperature it senses. Resistance is a signal that a microprocessor can use to make decisions, like when and how long to turn on the water heater. Thus the thermistor essentially translates temperature ... More

how to clean heated oxygen sensor

Many late model cars use a heated O2 sensor. These have either two or three wires instead of one. Heated sensors will have 12 volts on one lead, ground on the other, and the sensor signal on the third. If you have two or three wires, use a 15 or higher volt scale on the meter until you know which is the sensor output wire. ... More

how to change your career at 30 uk

30/03/2015 · After 30 days, see if you want to continue as you are – some of my clients realize they don’t need to change jobs after all. But if you want to incorporate more activity, your next steps can ... More

how to cook on a volcano stove

Volcano stove Three fuels wood (biomass), charcoal, propane* The Volcano 3 Collapsible Propane Grill is the most versatile and efficient grill on the market today. From the backyard to the great outdoors, or even your survival and emergency preparedness, this 3-fuel grill and stove allows you to cook whatever you want, whenever you want. The most popular model for a reason, this Volcano has 3 ... More

how to encrypt mac external hard drive

TrueCrypt creates an encrypted file on the target drive, which can be an external drive, flash drive, or network drive. Data written to the encrypted file is protected. The encrypted file can then be mounted as an extra drive letter and accessed just like a normal drive. The TrueCrypt software must be installed on an external drive. Truecrypt works with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. ... More

how to add the links toolbar to the taskbar

This will create an empty toolbar named Links. To add files, folders, or app shortcuts, simply drag and drop them onto it. Windows will automatically create a shortcut and add it to the Links toolbar. ... More

how to change the response in facebook template

Response templates can be added to a response by clicking on Insert Template, right below the response editor. All templates are managed from the workcenter view Service -> Templates. While Branding Templates require uploading an HTML file, Response Templates can be created directly within Cloud for Service. ... More

how to change storage to sd card on samsung j1

16GB Memory Card suitable for Samsung Galaxy J1 (micro SD, SD adapter inclusive) Product description: With the memory card 16 GB you can easily expand the capacity of your digital camera, smartphone, mobile phone and other devices. ... More

how to build a submarine in minecraft ps3

Four plastic water containers and an air compressor make up the ballast system, which controls the submarine's depth. The sub still wasn't heavy enough to sink, … ... More

how to cut a small v in a t shirt

21/03/2011 · Alright materials... old t shirt and a t-shirt that fits your child. Lay your t-shirt that fits over the t-shirt you want to resize. In this case I am keeping the collar and shoulder seams on my resized shirt because they are small enough. ... More

how to create notebook tab in jupyter notebook

The command to start Jupyter from the Anaconda prompt is jupyter-notebook – karel Jul 30 '18 at 11:11 OK if I start Anaconda Navigator and click on Jupyter notebook it works! But I's like to be able to do it all from the command line. ... More

how to become a ring girl for boxing

A pretty woman steps into a boxing ring wearing a big smile and small clothes. She totters round on high-heels holding up a card bearing the number of the next round. ... More

how to avoid high blood pressure medication

How To Prevent High Blood Pressure Without Taking Medication. Health . Robert Phillips; Do you want to remain healthy and illness-free for a very long time? Are you scared that high blood pressure and other heart-related problems could come at you any moment now? Your lifestyle plays a big role in your overall health and wellbeing. If you want to keep your blood pressure normal at all times ... More

how to build a bigger chest at home

(New) How To Build A Perfect Chest At Home How to build your Chest at home with different variations of Chest exercises! *Closed Caption is a *Closed Caption is a (New) How To Build A Perfect Chest At Home ... More

how to create windows 10 in empty partition

Right-click the empty area of the partition and select “Copy Files To Current Partition”, then you can select files and save them to current Linux partition. Besides, you can create new folders in this partition, rename files or delete files you do not need. ... More

how to draw manga hair tutorial

12/07/2018 How To Draw Anime Hair - Wikihow wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, 37 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Draw Hairstyles, Step By Step, Drawing Tutorials, Tag 530 draw hairstyles drawing tutorial will teach you step by step 'draw hairstyles' in no time. Best of all, ... More

how to change emotional eating

More Mindful Eating Techniques If you want to discover more healthy techniques for mindful eating, be sure to claim your free Law Of Attraction toolkit . Learn how you can use visualization exercises, such as dream boards, to stop emotional eating. ... More

how to cook the perfect dippy egg

25/02/2016 Traditionally, one would put these perfect dippy eggs into an egg cup, but a shot glass works incredibly well. Place your eggs into shot glasses, and ... More

how to draw straight hair in pencil

How To Draw Fringe Steptutorial On How To Draw Fringe Dress Drawn Pencil And In ... More

how to draw a mountain from above

How to draw Mountain Landscape with Oil Pastel for kids in easy method step by step. Beginners are also welcome to learn mountain drawing from this video tutorial. In the next tutorial, I will make the lesson about how to draw mountain landscape with a pencil. ... More

how to clear land for building a house

If you are a future homeowner, building your dream home starts with proper land clearing operations. Aside from clearing out the plot for your house and driveway, an excavation contractor will also dig out areas for your plumbing and sewage systems—depending on approved building plans. ... More

how to build a deck on flat ground

How Do You Build A Ground Level Deck Diy Flat Roof Shed Planning Permission Shed 6x4 Inventory Cards Build A Shed Platform Plans For 16 X 16 Shed how.do.you.build.a.ground.level.deck Layout. On a piece of paper, have a layout of your garden shed designs. One needs not to an architect or engineer for this matter; a fundamental design of your garden shed - for instance how it looks like - … ... More

how to create a name on youtube

No saying my name or age.(I have a YouTube name). 2. No showing my face. 3. She's able to delete anything she wants. I admit, I HAVE seen weird stuff on YouTube, but with my mom, it's easier not to. I also share an account with her. ... More

how to create modded gear in diablo 3 xbox one

25/03/2017 · hey everyone....i recieved a few items the other day in the mail & not having a proper look at these items i equipped them as they were upgrades but noticed that i was dominating so i checked my gear & noticed that the items i had gotten through the mail had 3 slots with high level gems in the, the items were a belt, necklace & 2 rings all with ... More

how to become a star student

19/08/2010 · Triple A star student rejected One of the nation's brightest pupils has failed to get into university despite scoring three A* and three A grades at A-level and branded a "genius" by teachers. ... More

how to buy epping west school uniform

The catchment zone to be used by Epping Boys High School for the 2018 Year 7 intake has been dramatically redrawn from the current boundary. ... More

how to create an australian political party

Australian Christians, Victoria park. 38K likes. A political voice for Christian values. We seek to create a better Australia for all, regardless of... A political voice for Christian values. We seek to create a better Australia for all, regardless of... ... More

how to cook acini di pepe

The Best Acini Di Pepe Pasta Recipes on Yummly Pasta Fruit Salad, Acini Di Pepe Salad, Acini Di Pepe Soup ... More

how to create a new blog on blogspot

3/10/2016 · 1. Create your static home page The first thing you should do is to create a new page for your blog. This will serve as your static home page but, … ... More

how to build a box from scrap wood

With the right preparation, you can easily build a watertight animal shelter from wood pallets and other scrap materials in a single afternoon. Use wood pallets to build your own animal shelter. Step 1 ... More

how to change font in windows 10

... More

how to close one tab at a time

Figure 2: Excel's Unhide Sheet command only allows you to unhide one worksheet at a time. Click "next" to read the second page of the article where I discuss Excel's Custom Views feature. Fortunately, the tedium of unhiding worksheets one at a time can be eliminated by use of ... More

how to add a scanned signature to a pdf document

Scan any paper documents, such as exhibits or the signature page of a signed affidavit. Convert the scanned pages to PDF and save. Convert the scanned pages to PDF and save. 3. ... More

how to build a recycled plastic bottle greenhouse

18 diy bottle greenhouse and success tips a piece of rainbow blog greenhouse made from recycled plastic bottles plastic bottle greenhouse image led make a mini ... More

how to add extra rows in word

If you wanted to add 7 rows, you would choose (by drag and drop) 7 rows: Adding Multiple Columns in Excel The process is similar for adding multiple columns in Excel. ... More

how to clean a desktop computer hard drive

27/07/2012 · For a complete cleaning job, and photos in your online storage space and remove them from your computer's hard drive. Other services you can use to save space include Amazon Cloud Drive … ... More

how to draw specific dimension styles in word

Floorplanner Drawing Manual Floorplanner lets you easily create interactive floorplans and publish them online. This manual explains the floorplanner drawing tool. For details on the Dashboard pages, we direct you to our Floorplanner PRO Manual. 1 Topic 1. Overview 2. Basic floorplanning 3. Using floors and designs 1. Rooms 2. Surfaces 3. Dimensions, Lines, etc. 4. Doors and Windows 5 ... More

how to break out of night shift routine

Are you one of the 6 million Americans that work on the night shift? I am! My usual routine is EVERY Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 6:45 PM to 7:15 AM. ... More

how to cut celery hearts

Don't toss that celery base! Did you know you can use it to re-grow a new bunch of celery? Did you know you can use it to re-grow a new bunch of celery? I recently came across this topic on both Facebook and Pinterest, so I had to learn more. ... More

how to become white face in one day

How To Lose Weight In Your Face In One Day How Lost Weight Eating 1500 Calories A Day How Lost Weight Eating 1500 Calories A Day How To Lose Only Belly Fat Men Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects Mayo Clinic The abundance of living enzymes in raw foods help one's body in a lot of ways. Unfortunately these enzymes are killed when we cook our food. The body can digest foods through ... More

how to connect a hopper to a chest ps4

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Platinum Trophy. Epic Cycle – Earn every other trophy in the game. Only available on PS4, obviously. Bronze Trophies ... More

how to buy drugs on silk road

Buying Drugs Online Remains Easy, 2 Years After FBI Killed Silk Road Trailblazer's life sentence hasn't ended dream of lawless commerce. ... More

how to connect lenovo yoga to printer

Solved Can I connect a external hard drive with usb 3.0 with my lenovo b460e which has usb 2.0 port? Forum Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Adaptable 13.3 Ultrabook - Freezes randomly Forum ... More

how to clear my iphone 5 history

... More

how to draw couch on a floor plan

11/07/2017 · How to Draw a Couch - Cartoon - Easy Pictures to Draw This is a simple drawings on how to draw a cartoon couch step by step. I try to make it unbelievably simple. ... More

how to change date of birth on australian passport

Consistent with the Australian Passports Determination 2015, Section 21 it is preferable that the place of birth and gender in an Australian travel document be the same as recorded on the person’s cardinal document i.e. Australian birth or citizenship certificate. ... More

how to change the oil in a honda mower

I have a similar Honda mower in France and always had a problem with servicing because the local guy works on “first come first served” so you ... More

how to change download serverse on steam

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at publicproxyservers.com Port 443 ... More

how to eat lemon butter

Peel lower half to two thirds of each asparagus stalk with a vegetable peeler. Cook asparagus in a wide 6- to 8-quart pot of boiling salted water, uncovered, until just tender, 5 to 7 minutes. ... More

how to build a cabinet door frame

new cabinet doors easy to build attach the new door using existing holes in cabinet face frame make replacement cabinet doors. Fri, August 24, 2018 kcbins.com image about: new cabinet doors shaker, attach the new door using existing holes in cabinet face frame make replacement doors, thank you michelle in south tampa for allowing readoor ... More

how to change windows 8 screen resolution

Question from Allie R.: Rick, I just bought a new monitor for my Dell Inspiron 660s computer with Windows 8 (which I am SOOOO confused about). ... More

how to cook unsmoked gammon joint

Place the ham in a shallow roasting tin. Score the fat in a criss-cross pattern. In a small bowl, mix together the mustard, honey or maple syrup and brown sugar. Coat the ham ... More

nba 2k17 mygm how to build a dynasty

Basketball GM is a single-player basketball management simulation game. Set your roster, make trades, draft prospects, manage your finances, and try to build a dynasty. Play it in your browser now, completely 100% free! ... More

how to change caps to non caps in word

How do I change an existing 120 page document from all caploc to non caps. I do not have a lot of computer experience so I hope there would be a simple solution to this issue ... More

how to map build for csgo

Close Hammer and open Counter-Strike: Source. Open the console and input map, followed by the name of your map file. Press Enter to load the map into Counter-Strike. Open the console and input map, followed by the name of your map file. ... More

how to add footprint circuit maker

Content and Use. In CircuitMaker, the Libraries panel presents a searchable list of components sourced through the Octopart database, which provides access to comprehensive component data for thousands of real-world components. ... More

cat face how to draw

... More

how to change emblem bf4 ps4

Both Fire Emblem Fates and Awakening from the 3DS host a large percentage of the core cast, with a select others thrown in from Shadow Dragon and more. ... More

how to create windows iso image

Dell OS Recovery Tool helps you create a USB recovery media using Dell ISO recovery image that is customized for your Dell PC. Dell OS Recovery Tool allows you to download either Microsoft Windows or Linux, whichever was preinstalled on your Dell PC. To create a USB recovery media using a Windows … ... More

how to make a shrub drink

The word shrub is derived from the Arabic word sharab meaning drink or syrup and their use became popular in cocktails in the nineteenth century. At Burrow Bar in Sydney, shrubs are a regular feature, offered with a choice of spirit topped with soda water or as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink. ... More

how to cancel contract with buggles day care

Family Child Care Contracts & Policies. A family child care provider is the owner of a small business. As a small business owner, it is recommended that you have a written contract and program policies to help you communicate effectively with parents. ... More

how to draw a cartoon lion roaring

30/12/2018 How to Draw a Lion Roaring (Cartoon) Duration: 7:24. Play Download Video. How to Draw a Puma (Mountain Lion or Cougar) - Narrated Duration: 3:17. Play Download Video. How to Draw Draw a Lioness With a Marker - Mountain Lion - Cougar - Jaguar - Big Cat - Puma Duration: 3:52. Play Download Video. Drawing a Lion Duration: 2:43. Play Download Video. How to Draw a Cougar / Mountain Lion ... More

how to become an intuitive counselor

intuitive healer – how to become one Look around, and you’ll see that healers and a special kind of healers, “intuitive healers,” are everywhere. That’s because each of us embody the ability to hear that still small voice within and to heal. ... More

how to build an awesome modern house in minecraft

Cool Modern Minecraft Houses Blueprints Awesome How to Build A Better Cool Modern House In Minecraft Pe V0 12 1 is a part of Unique Of Cool Modern Minecraft Houses … ... More

how to clean filter on dyson animal v6

Dyson V6 vs V7 vs V8 vs V10 Cordless Vacuums - Models Comparisons. Dyson V6, V7, V8 and V10 cordless vacuums are strong and very capable convertible, bagless, cordless vacuum cleaners, able to do plenty of work on a singe battery charge. ... More

how to connect to a router wirelessly with putty

25/11/2018 · If the router's IP address is, I might choose The IP address you choose should end with a number between 1 and 254, and should not be the same as the router's IP address. Every device that connects to your network needs to have its own IP address. ... More

phone call abuse how to stop

They’re trained to help with everything from basic advice and practical steps on how to stop calls, to liaising with the police to trace calls when necessary. You can request a callback from our Unwelcome Calls team by completing our online form , or by calling 13 2200 and saying “unwelcome calls”. ... More

how to cook chicken drumsticks in deep fryer

30/03/2009 · Unless you are a confident experienced cook I suggest you simmer the chicken pieces in milk for 15mins before attempting to deep fry. Once simmered in milk allow to cool before either coating in beaten egg wash and flavoured breadcrumb OR dusted with flour and dipped in a batter of your choice. ... More

how to cut continuous bias strips

You can then mark the rest of your bias strips right next to each other, there is no need to leave a gap. Now you are ready to cut your strips! Now you are ready to cut your strips! 4. ... More

steam how to get add ons

Developed by Just Flight, the Wildcat and Martlet add-on for FSX: Steam Edition contains four different aircraft - the Grumman F4F-3 and F4F-4 Wildcats and also the Martlet I and Martlet IV, the British name given to the F4F-3 and F4F-4-based aircraft which were supplied to Britain from the earliest days of ... More

how to add a fill in box in pdf

Next to each form element we will also add a corresponding "Yes" or "No" for each check box. With the cursor in the right column next to "Favorite manufacturer", we will add a dropdown box. Now, click the Drop-Down List Content Control (looks like that only). With the control selected, click Properties. Provide a "Title" for this control like "Manufacturer". In the bottom right, click Add. In ... More

how to connect app store on iphone

App Store is among the core apps in iOS devices. But most people would only realize the importance of this app if it doesnt work as intended whenever they need to use it. ... More

how to cancel goodlife membership canada

I told Johnathon that I had reached my limit with GoodLife Fitness and that I wanted to cancel my membership without further delay. Johnathon apologized for the inconvenience I had suffered by Erik not returning my phone calls and his departure from GoodLife Fitness. ... More

how to change car rego to someone else

When you lease a car, you dont officially own the title to that vehicle; thus, the only way to sell the car and get rid of ownership of the vehicle is to transfer the lease to another individual. If you can find someone else to take over a lease for a car via an official document transfer, youll no longer be obligated to pay for the vehicle or remain in control of the car. A car ... More

how to delete history in

How to Delete Download History . App Store. Go to Itunes App; Click on store Icon (Left side of Menu), Click on Purchased Icon (Right side of yur screen) ... More

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how to add pandora to sonos australia Sonos 9.1 compatibility update Improve network scanner Fix Amazon Music issues Fix music service unreliability Add support for Apple Music, fixes for streaming iHeartRadio Fix regression to do with device names containing "&" Add support for Repeat One Track, improved Spotify and Amazon, fixes for line-in and queue delete 5

how to build a resume 2017

Your resume should be organized, neat, clear, and consistent in formatting (e.g., font and bullets). If you are applying for a job which requires that you have attention to detail, then you need to demonstrate this with your résumé.

how to restore whatsapp backup from google drive

In order to back up on Google drive, open WhatsApp and go to Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat backup. Choosing "Back Up" will do immediate backup, while choosing "Back up to Google Drive" allows you to set a backup frequency. Important considerations for this process: First backup may take a long time You can change the backup frequency or Google account on which you are backing up …

how to clean oily frying pan

Clean the baking soda crust from the pan under hot running water with the nonabrasive scrubber. Check the pan. If all the oil residue is gone, proceed to Step 5. If not, repeat Steps 2 through 4 until all the burned oil is removed.

how to become a real estate professional

There are significant tax benefits for investors who can qualify with the IRS for real estate professional status. Of course, these benefits do not come without trade-offs and a necessity for careful planning.

how to draw a brick wall in plan

And it's still built with 2x4s, but it now has brick on the outside instead of siding, and of course brick is much thicker than siding, so when we start to draw this wall in, we'll see that this wall is going to look thicker than the wall that we were just drawing.

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