how to add alias terminal

By alias, I mean the folder shortcut created when you right-click a folder in Finder and select "Make Alias". I can traverse symbolic links in Terminal with cd, but it doesn't work on aliases: bash... ... More

how to cook zipper peas

For the peas: 1 tablespoon unsalted butter; 1 cup small-chopped Vidalia onion; 4 cups shelled white acre peas (or zipper peas) 3 cups ham hock stock (reserve ham hock meat optional) ... More

how to fix overspray clear coat

5/11/2016 · I used a Clear Coat Aerosol Spray ( CLEAR COAT #150) on my vehicle and the spray leaves small bumps possibly air bubbles on the car. ... More

how to cut wedges out of potatoes

Scrub the potatoes, cut them in half lengthwise, then cut each half in thirds lengthwise. You'll have 6 long wedges from each potato. Place the potatoes on a sheet pan with ... More

how to cook squid fish

You can also score the fish for faster cooking. Make small slices halfway into the flesh with your knife at an angle so that the squid is ridged. Make small slices halfway into the flesh with your knife at an angle so that the squid is ridged. ... More

how to clean antique wood furniture

How to clean antique furniture with the help of general household items: You can use dishwashing soap or furniture soap, to clean the wax from the antique furniture. ... More

how to make orange julius drink

The Orange Julius is one of the classic blended mocktails that you probably remember from childhood. Perfect for those who don't drink alcohol or for the youngest members of your family, it’s a delicious frozen drink that is sure to chill you out on the hottest days of the year. ... More

how to draw jack frost face

In an emotional episode, estimated to have been seen by 10 million viewers, DI Jack Frost, played by Sir David Jason, finally found love after the tragic loss of his first wife to cancer. ... More

how to add load balancer in ec2

From the EC2 Dashboard, select the “Load Balancing -> Load Balancers” menu item. Click the “Create Load Balancer” button. On the “Select Load Balancer type” page, select the “Application Load Balancer” option and click “Create”. ... More

how to ask your bank for refinancing

Each bank or lender has specific refinancing requirements, so be sure to ask about the details. For example, if you have $7,500 or more remaining on your car loan ($8,000 if the loan was made in Minnesota) and the car is less than 10 years old with fewer than 125,000 miles on it, you may be eligible to refinance with Bank of America. ... More

how to add online chat in my website

For anyone who owns a blog or a website, one of the most important keys to building a solid visitor base is interacting with your visitors. According to a 2007 study by Nielsen NetRatings, the fastest-growing web destinations almost unanimously included IM as a means of attracting repeat visitors to their site ... More

how to call a candidate for interview sample

Using phone screen interview questions to narrow the candidate field can be an important part of an effective candidate evaluation process. With a little planning, you can save yourself a lot of time and be that much closer to a successful hire. ... More

how to delete all photos on ipod touch at once

And you are allowed to only delete photos from iPod after marking the "Photos" option. Aside from this, you should select the security level before deleting photos. Whichever level you choose, you will lose all pictures from your iPod forever. ... More

how to connect ps4 to 5ghz wifi

According to PS4Daily, which posted a leaked scan of what is said to be the console's manual, the updated PS4 will support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless frequencies, allowing the console to ... More

how to change default gmail account on google chrome

25/05/2014 So when you access another Google product or service you will access it as if you were signed into that default account. If you want another account to be the default, sign out of everything and sign in what that account first (the others after). ... More

how to connect laptop to lcd tv using usb cable

3/07/2010 · The way I hook up my laptop is to use a VGA cable from my laptop (most have them but they are often under a cover of some kind) and then plug a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable into the back of my TV. It works great and I have used it on many different types of laptop. If you must use a USB converter box make sure your computer has USB 2.0. The old USB simply isn't fast enough to give … ... More

how to build a fire

An unnamed man is making his way through the white snow of Alaska. And it's really, really cold out. He's not concerned about the cold or the lack of sunlight, but not because he's used to it. ... More

how to become a home tutor in ireland

If you choose to become a private or online tutor, it is important to remember that you must advertise yourself. You can do this in a number of ways: online advertisement sites, create your own website, newspapers etc. will all help to put your name out there. ... More

how to make landlkine numbers appear private

22/11/2011 · All incoming calls shows private numbers Hello, I have very basic nokia model 5030 Xpress Radio.When i get calls it shows as the "private no" for every call that i get, and nothing else is displayed on the screen, The contacts are present in my contact list (in both, some in SIM and some in Phone memory). ... More

how to clean a potjie pot after use

22/04/2016 Hi all, need to buy myself a potpie pot as it will be great use for winter. Which pot is better to buy and why - the flat bottom pot or the 3-leg pot? ... More

how to delete downloaded programs on hp computer

Reinstalling a software program is one of the more basic troubleshooting steps available to any computer user, but it's often an overlooked step when trying to solve a software problem. ... More

how to cook quinoa in microwave steamer

Once cooked, cover the pan with a lid and let it sit for 5 minutes.Use a fork to fluff the cooked quinoa. Fluffing it helps to make the texture amiable. Fluffing it helps to make the texture amiable. Serve the quinoa with veggies steamed, roasted or crunchy. ... More

how to be on holmes buy it right

MIKE HOLMES HANDS BUYERS THE KEYS TO FINDING THEIR DREAM HOME IN HOLMES: BUY IT RIGHT Series Premieres September 10 at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada ... More

how to cut mirror glass at home

All our made to measure mirrors are suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms, demister pads are available for mirrors on the Heater Pads page.If you require holes in a specific place for your made to measure mirrors please choose the appropriate, All types of glass and mirror processed, glass shelves, glass table tops, glass splashbacks, glass ... More

how to break up in christian way

It was pitch black but for the faint light of glow-in-the-dark stickers above my bed. Why am I in Jons bed? I shouldnt have been at my parents house in my youngest brothers empty bed. ... More

replay media ccatcher how to clear url bar

Posted July 15th, 2010 Category: Replay Media Catcher. This new release is a complete rewrite from version 3, and includes the following enhancements: – Downloads more sites, and adds support for protocols that use unique one-time-only URL’s. ... More

how to cook the best turkey crown

I know this is not purist, but Iceland's Perfect turkey crown. We got one for Thanksgiving last year and it was amazing. I still did the fresh full-Delia number at Christmas but bought another for the freezer. ... More

how to change address at asic

From within Corporate Compliance, click Corporations on the tasks bar and select the corporation you wish to change the address for. With the company selected, click Notify change of address ... More

how to cancel print queue windows 10

Microsoft; Windows 10; How to cancel a stuck print job from the print queue in Windows 10. Printers can be very finicky devices, especially when it comes to the print queue. ... More

how to draw an arm reaching out

A motorcycle crash victim has amputated his injured hand with a homemade guillotine to end 16 years of unbearable pain only to find his arm still hurts. ... More

how to change time in windows 8

9/09/2013 · By default in Windows 7 and 8 the time is shown above the date. If you choose to check the "use small icons" box in taskbar properties you probably won't be able to get the result your looking for without jumping through hoops. ... More

how to cut out all sugar in your diet

We all know by now that sugar is bad for you and it’s rampant in our grocery aisle. So many things now contain sugar that you probably haven’t thought about like … ... More

how to download affinity designer free

Affinity Designer 2018 Latest Version Review for Windows 10. Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. ... More

how to cook spanish style sardines

Sardines often come bottled, canned immersed in tomato sauce, etc. but the one variant that has deep roots in our country is the Spanish-style sardines — flavored with … ... More

how to draw a panther face step by step

How to Draw Pink Panther step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Pink Panther. View As : Colored Pencils Video Standard Printable Step by Step. How to Draw Pink Panther. Step 1. Step 2 . Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Signup for Free Weekly Drawing Tutorials Please enter your email ... More

how to clear a runny nose overnight

Alternative ways of using ginger to clear a runny nose are described below: Sprinkle some salt on a small piece of peeled ginger and then chew it. repeat this a few times a day Inhale the steam produced a piece of ginger (or 1 tsp. of ginger) boils in some water (preferably 2 cups of water). ... More

how to buy silk sarees in kanchipuram

Kanchipuram Sarees are also known as Kanjivaram Sarees or Kanchi sarees. Kanchipuram sarees traditionally hand woven pure silk sarees from the village of Kanchipuram from Tamilnadu State India. ... More

how to download nhl app on ps4

The NBC Sports App allows you to watch whatever is on NBCs station, which includes its sports network. This is the best option to watch on an iPhone or any mobile device. ... More

how to delete music off iphone in itunes

... More

how to build cargo drawers

Next, I snap two drawer glides into slots on the rear support post. Set the whole assembly in place and snap the opposite ends of the glides into the corresponding slots on the front support post. This method makes sure that everything's in alignment so I can go ahead and screw in the rear supports. ... More

how to draw good friday

The celebration of the Stations of the Cross is especially common on the Fridays of Lent, especially Good Friday. Community celebrations are usually accompanied by various songs and prayers. Particularly common as musical accompaniment is the ... More

how to add instagram link to facebook business page

Step 5: Select the Facebook Page of your business to link it to your Instagram profile. Note that you'll only see the pages you're currently an admin of, and only Facebook Business Pages can be linked. ... More

how to add money to itunes account

How to Transfer iTunes Credit/Money to Another Account iTunes credit are basically store points which can be used in lieu of money to purchase apps and songs from the official Apple online marketplace, the iStore. The credit can be bought from iTunes in whichever denomination you want. The interesting part about these are the credit can be transferref from one person to another. So one account ... More

how to delete game apps on ipad

Steps on Removing Apps from iPad. To uninstall an app directly from your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch press the app icon on your gadget which you wish to remove/uninstall until all of ... More

how to change language to english in foxit pdf reader

Not a PDF or corrupted. Developer: Foxit Corporation: Software: Foxit Reader: Applies to: Corruption in Windows registry from a recent Foxit Reader-related software change (install or uninstall). Virus or malware infection that has corrupted Windows system files or Foxit Reader-related program files. Another program maliciously or mistakenly deleted Foxit Reader-related files. Runtime ... More

how to buy stylish clothes affordably australia

Buy clothes from Craft affordably at We have a large selection of their training clothes. Look out for Craft sales here, if you don't mind saving money. Here at Nelly, we have a wide assortment of both functional and stylish fashion for sporty women. Buy all your training clothes from Craft and other brands, here with us. ... More

how to change name on netgear wireless router

Secure Netgear Router Friends We Have Spend Weeks On This Topic And We Understood Why People Face Problem With Their Wireless Security. Please Read it Till Last To Understand The Router Security And We Promise You At The End You Will Have Your Secured And Protected. ... More

selling xbox 360 how to clear

The Xbox 360 can use up to 32GB of a flash drive, so that should have no problem holding your save games (I got my 360 in 2009, and all of my saves take up 1GB at most). Once you have backed up your save games, you should format the hard drive. ... More

how to become a bomb disposal expert

The 29-year-old, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, had been hand-picked to become a bomb disposal expert in 2007, after serving two years in other roles in Iraq and Afghanistan. ... More

how to download tor on iphone

This contains _and_ the Tor software _and_ a pre-configured browser that allows you to surf the internet safely over Tor. Please read the suggestions / warnings at the top of the page. Please read the suggestions / warnings at the top of the page. ... More

how to change apple id email on iphone 4s

Your current region: Ontario (change) The Apple iPhone 4S may not allow you to remove the main Apple ID for example. 2. Scroll to and touch Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Remove unwanted email accounts from your Apple iPhone 4S. The associated contacts, calendar and email messages will also be removed. Note: Some email accounts can't be removed. The Apple iPhone 4S may not allow … ... More

how to clean stainless steel appliances fingerprints

Cleaning stainless steel with items likely already in your home helps keep fingerprint smudges from ruining an appliance's appearance. Stick to a schedule and clean your appliance regularly so it remains in good condition. ... More

how to choose travel insurance usa

I know choosing a travel insurance policy can be overwhelming, and with so many insurance companies out there, no-one wants to spend hours and hours reading through the small print. The world of travel insurance can be very confusing, but it’s an important thing to have, so you need to make sure you are properly covered. ... More

how to change nappy procedure

The Nappy Change Procedure, as outlined by the NHMRC and the Toileting Procedure are displayed in the nappy-change and toilet areas, respectively. Educators follow the correct Nappy Change Procedure and the Toileting Procedure. ... More

how to draw in 3ds max

2/01/2019 · Hi everyone, today I will teach you how to draw a box in 3ds Max Creating a box is very easy, just watch my step and you can draw a box. Follow me on Facebook: ... More

how to cook black trevally

The two main differences are subtle - the skippy has a slightly larger black spot on the gill cover and slightly smaller scales on the lateral line. If you have the interest and patience to count the scales along the lateral line of each, you will find that skippy have 96-115 compared with only 67-79 for sand trevally. ... More

how to draw little pony

How to Draw Sunburst from My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. ... More

how to become a police liaison officer qld

Traffic controllers must produce their industry authority card or interim industry authority for immediate inspection upon a request made by any authorised officer, for example, a Police Officer or Transport Inspector, Queensland Division of Work Health and Safety Inspector, Transport and Main Roads auditor, Transport and Main Roads Safety Officer or person in charge of the workplace ... More

how to avoid div taking padding when width 100

Drop Caps can easily be styled by taking advantage of the CSS ridge, inset, outset, double, dotted, dashed, solid). The padding and background-color on the frame div will create the look of a mat around your image. Adding border, padding, and margin to the image itself can create the effect of having a second mat around your image for an extra effect. Once set up all you’ll need to do to ... More

how to become a lineman in florida

We give you the knowledge, instructor support and hands-on practice necessary to become a successful home inspector in Florida. After you pass the final exam and field assignment, you will be confident that you possess the knowledge and skills needed to begin your career as a … ... More

how to create arff file

Now that the data file has been created, its time to create our regression model. Start WEKA, then choose the Explorer. Youll be taken to the Explorer screen, with the Preprocess tab selected. Select the Open File button and select the ARFF file you created in the section above. After selecting the file, your WEKA Explorer should look similar to the screenshot in Figure 3. Figure 3. WEKA ... More

how to buy rainbow six credits

Compare game prices and buy RAINBOW SIX SIEGE - 600 Rainbow Six Credits with the lowest price on Xbox One. Compare RAINBOW SIX SIEGE - 600 Rainbow Six Credits on all Microsoft foreign stores. Store India, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Hong-Kong, Russia, Singapore... The best way to buy RAINBOW SIX SIEGE - 600 Rainbow Six Credits cheapest price. ... More

how to connect to itunes on computer

1/04/2010 · Specifically designed for both iPad and iPhone!! Optimized to use iPhone 4.0's HD screen! Connect to PC let you access Windows PC from your iPad/iPhone at anytime! ... More

how to create a poster on pc

Poster & Flyer App for Windows Store Poster & Flyer is a modern WYSIWYG app that is designed to help you create posters, flyers, pamphlets, catalogs and brochures. ... More

how to do laybacks tribal belly dance

28/12/2018 · Flamenco Skirt 12 Yard Cotton Gypsy Belly Dance Tribal Costume Jupe Boho 33color Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab ... More

how to build a police siren

The police siren effect is produced because of the input voltage at pin 5 of timer2. It makes the timer2 to produce frequency modulated output. In this circuit, timer1 controls the output frequency of timer2, producing police siren effect. ... More

how to cut wav files

Q: "Need to cut/crop WAV files: I'm looking for a simple program that will allow me to precisely select a part of a WAV file and remove it. What I'd like to do is play the file to the point where I want to cut it, stop or pause the playing, mark the start point, then find … ... More

how to calculate salary break up

Salary Calculator Australia is updated with 2018-2019 ATO tax rates, but you can also calculate taxes for the previous year, i.e. what income tax is payable based on 2017-2018 ATO tax rates. Calculate salary for non-residents ... More

how to clean single hung windows

2/04/2011 · Single hung windows have only the bottom part (sash) operable. The top part is fixed and cannot slide up and down. A The top part is fixed and cannot slide up and down. A sash , is either the top or bottom part of a window, the part that holds the glass. ... More

how to delete mackeeper helper

MacKeeper Helper is a background process used by MacKeeper, a piece of antivirus and popular Mac utility software thats well known as one of the main culprits of slow Macs. If you can see that MacKeeper Helper is using a lot of memory or a lot of CPU, you should remove and uninstall it. ... More

how to create poster free

2. Customize your layout with colors, shapes and logos. Use your imagination to create a brand new KEEP CALM poster. Choose your favorite color, add shapes or your logo. ... More

how to cook indian rice flakes

1 Heat a pan, add a tbsp of ghee and toast the cashew nuts and raisins till golden brown. Remove from pan, keep aside. 2 In the same pan, add the ground paste and few tbsps water and cook for approx 4-5 mts. Add the jaggery water and let it cook … ... More

how to restore backup from external hard drive windows 8

Learn how to restore a system backup image from external hard drive in Windows 8/8.1 using Windows built-in tool and professional software AOMEI Backupper. ... More

how to connect mic to cctv camera

If one CCTV camera and one microphone were used to monitor a room the camera should be in the corner to view the majority of the room. The audio however rarely takes place in the corner. An The audio however rarely takes place in the corner. ... More

how to delete apps on asus tablet

Below is a list of ASUS utilities that may come pre-installed with a new ASUS notebook. If you're unsure about which utilities are useful or safe to uninstall, this list should give you some insight. If you're unsure about which utilities are useful or safe to uninstall, this list should give you some insight. ... More

how to avoid overpayment of order with automated it control

a) Access the Automated Overpayment Collection System and review the specific ledger and statement. WHO HOW O/P Collection EW b) Enter the status, and comments. c) Set a control for the effective date of the first payment. ... More

how to add google wallet to my website

As part of its attempt to make it easier to pay, Google has updated its Google Wallet mobile app to allow for automatic transfers to your bank account. ... More

how to build a puppy dog house

I am renting a house on an 11 acre farm and I like to let my dogs run free as they wish. However, they tend to relieve themselves very close to the back door and want to create a barrier to that space. Considering theres 11 acres to use Id like the area outside my door to be "mine"..... ... More

how to get clear skin fast yahoo answers

26/04/2009 · Best Answer: got to a local dermitologist, and ask her for a fast working product. also get professional make-up done so your face is all even and it looks great. :] p.s. if you dont get your makeup pro-done DONT cake on the foundation, and make sure you blend it in & it matches your skin tone. ... More

how to add free money to steam wallet

1/12/2011 · Let us know what you think of the program, Steam Money Adder, layout. We added the best security to it as mentioned earlier. You can add any amount you choose to your Steam Wallet with our program with just one click. ... More

how to cook lamb sirloin

Grilled lamb sirloin served with a vibrant, lemony salsa verde. Crookes and Jackson In South Africa, rump is used to describe the sirloin of a lamb, the tender strip of flesh connecting the leg to ... More

how to add texture to mens hair

Men-U Fibre Paste is by far one of the best products for texture on finer hair, adding fullness and thickness into the bargain. Next up is Tigi Bed Head Hard to Get Texturising Paste, which when ... More

how to cook a simple roast dinner

Kicking off our week of roast dinner-themed recipes and ideas: You’ll be able to serve up one of these roast dinner centrepieces with a theatrical flourish – each recipe – looks and tastes ... More

how to change my address in ebay

Re: how can i change the shipping address after i confimed the order? I just did this myself...I sent the seller a new address (which is one of the ones registered to my user account) but I don't know if they'll change it, as they haven't gotten back to me yet... ... More

how to delete music from ipad but not iphone

If you have an iPhone 6S or later, you can delete songs, and albums, using 3D Touch. We realize not everyone has a 3D Touch enabled iPhone, and some may have their music on an iPad ... More

how to change email on twitter without logging in

We sent you a magic link! We sent an email to . It contains a magic link that'll log you in. ... More

how to drive a guy wild

Send Him Hot Texts To Drive Him Wild. Understanding what turns on hot, fun and sexy guys when they read your texts will let you wrap him around your pretty little finger. ... More

how to become a property developer nz

The idea that Auckland Council become a property developer is frightening indeed. Competing against the private industry has never been something that any Council has succeeded at. Putting rate payer money at risk to acquire land and develop properties is a step too far, irrational and unnecessary. ... More

how to build tanks in marine mania

Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mani is Fantasy-based Management and Single-player Business Simulation developed by Blue Fang Games. It is the second expansion pack for the original game of Zoo Tycoon that focuses on marine animals. In this game, the ultimate task of the player creates a tank using brand new fencing specifically designed to contain verity of marine animals. The game introduces two new ... More

how to clean sterling silver with coke

25/04/2013 · Corrosion on silver (and also on sterling silver) is due to the formation of AgS from sulfides in the air. To protect your silver, I would keep it away from sulfur-related items, such as synthetic vulcanized rubber and such, and storing it in another … ... More

how to draw a baby elephant easy

Baby Elephant Drawing Easy Baby Elephant Drawing - Google Search Braids Pinterest ... More

how to cut layers like jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston Medium Layered Cut - Jennifer rocked a tousled, layered look with sunkissed highlights. Jennifer Aniston Medium Layered Cut - Jennifer rocked a tousled, layered look with sunkissed highlights. ... More

how to install dropbox on a differend drive

To start using Dropbox on your device, click the Dropbox icon from your Home Screen. You’re brought to the Dropbox login screen and select if you’re already a user or new and set up an account. We’re already a user so we’ll select that option. ... More

how to cook thick cut bacon in a pan

Cook thin-sliced bacon for about 10 minutes and drain the rendered fat from the pan into a heat-proof bowl or container. Return the pan to the stove and turn the bacon slices over. Return the pan to the stove and turn the bacon slices over. ... More

how to clean heating ducts in mobile home

Manufactured Home Duct Cleaning Tips For A Healthier Home Environment kevito100 February 17, 2018 Air conditioner heating ducts are good breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew and mold when used for a long time without proper cleaning. ... More

how to backup photos from lightroom to external hard drive

If possible, store the backup copies of your photos and catalog on a separate hard disk from your working files. Consider using dedicated backup software to automate the process and synchronize changes between your working and backup files. ... More

how to connect mobile audio to car speakers

There are many ways you can connect multiple speakers together. The most common and best way is to connect them in parallel. You do this by connecting the positive speaker wire from the amp to the positive terminal on the first subwoofer. In the picture below, one channel is shown. ... More

how to delete broadcast on whatsapp

Open WhatsApp. Tap the Broadcast Lists button at the top of the Chats screen. Tap New List at the bottom of the Broadcast Lists screen. Type your contacts' names or … ... More

how to ask for forgiveness in vietnamese

There is a call deep within us asking for forgiveness, to feel sorry for the times we are not just with the other, and for the hurtful words we have said and the actions that we have done or failed to do. ... More

how to eat on a budget

Healthy Eating On A Budget. You are here Home / Eat Healthy Healthy Eating On A Budget. Print. Share. Create a Grocery Game Plan . Making a plan before heading to the store can help you get organized, save money, and choose healthy options. - Plan Your Weekly Meals - Make a Grocery List - Save More at the Store. Shop Smart to Fill Your Cart. To get the most for your dollar, follow the tips ... More

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how to set up a soft drink plant

Empty Bottles bought out where as some will want to have complete bottle making Set as well. Cost for Major 3 Plant Types Plant Types 2000 LPH Std Plant 2000 LPH Economy Plant Just Jars Plant If you are starting out new mineral water plant in india , which is called as a packaged drinking water plant , your further decisions will depend upon what exactly you wish to start . In fact you have

how to change a qantas flight online

Classic Flight Rewards allows you to redeem your Qantas Points for a flight on Qantas, Jetstar, oneworld alliance or partnered airlines. Seats are often limited and you may have to be flexible

how to cut pool coping radius

Step 2: Cutting the Coping The best choice for laying down the stone is bull-nose coping because it uses a rounded edge and will be flexible with the material of stone. This will also allow the area to be cut and made into any design and pattern to fit your pool design.

how to create models in r

How-to go parallel in R basics + tips. by Max Gordon Posted on February 16, 2015. Dont waist another second, start parallelizing your computations today! The image is CC by Smudge 9000. Today is a good day to start parallelizing your code. Ive been using the parallel package since its integration with R (v. 2.14.0) and its much easier than it at first seems. In this post Ill go

how to add songs to playlist on play music

To add songs and albums to your Amazon Music for Web or Desktop app playlists: Open the More Options menu ("three vertical dots" icon) next to a song or album.

how to cut your own hair back of head

Starting at the bottom of the head or where you want the longest parts to be, pull a section of hair out straight from root to tip and hold at a 90-degree angle to the head with two fingers, preferably your forefinger and middle finger as this is the easiest.

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Wales: Newport WAL, Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Cardiff WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D5